In bygone times, there were traveling healers called "quack doctors" who would peddle potions and curealls from town to town.  Quacks were looked down upon for...well...poisoning lots people with mercury.  But also for being empirical above any rational explanations, like humors and blood letting.  So when they weren't using mercury, these traveling quacks discovered bottom up health solutions through trial and error.  This podcast is about finding health solutions in the strangest places, even if they don't make sense

At 12 years old, Lucas was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  In his mid-20s, after a stressful job and poor living environment, his health collapsed.  He was forced to find alternative options when doctors could not help.

Years of chronic illness, experimentation, and self growth has given Lucas a unique perspective on health.  Focusing on what really works, Lucas dug himself out of the hole and now shares his knowledge so you can too.