Ep. 40 Interview with Eric Maddox: Interrogation, Saddam Hussein, and Empathy Based Listening

Lucas interviews Eric Maddox about his interrogations during the 2003 Iraq war, and what we can learn from the methods he developed.

Army Staff Sergeant Eric Maddox was and is an interrogator who served in 2003 in Iraq, in South East Asia, and other places around the world.  He has more than 2700 interrogations under his belt, and an amazing story to tell us that delves into an aspect of health and wellness that we have rarely talked about, and that is listening and having healthy relationships.

Eric has been awarded many decorations including the DIA director’s award, the legion of merit, the bronze star, and the national intelligence medal of achievement for his services to the United States of America.


Eric’s Website: https://ericmaddox.com/

Eric’s Book: https://amzn.to/2XRxG6v

Creating Influence Podcast: https://ericmaddox.com/podcast/