Ep. 60 Interview Kristina Campbell: The Science of the Microbiome is Just Getting Started

Quax kicks off another podcast on the microbiome with Kristina Campbell. She has been deep in the science for years and gives some juicy tidbits on where the science is going…oh and fecal transplants!

Kristina Campbell (M.Sc.) is a science and medical writer who covers microbiome research for online and print media around the world. She is author of The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook (Rockridge Press, 2016); co-author of an academic textbook, Gut Microbiota: Interactive Effects on Nutrition and Health (Elsevier, 2018); and contributing editor at Microbiome Times Magazine. Kristina also consults on a broad range of educational and policy initiatives related to the gut microbiota and health.


Kristina’s Website: https://bykriscampbell.com/

Kristina’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/bykriscampbell

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XOS Information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xylooligosaccharide

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