Ep. 71 Interview Karen Hurd: The Bean Protocol for Total Body Wellness

Today I interviewed Karen Hurd.

Karen Hurd holds a Master of Science in Biochemistry and has been practicing for 30 years. She is currently enrolled at The George Washington University for a Masters of Public Health.

Her philosophy on health is “Food has the power to kill; food has the power to heal. It’s your choice.” Karen applies her knowledge at the bio-molecular level. She understands the causes of the health problems we face, and what dietary and lifestyle changes will unlock our best health.


Karen Hurd’s Website: http://www.karenhurd.com/

Oxalate List: https://kidneystonediet.com/oxalate-list/

Homepage: www.quaxpodcast.com

Music by Jenny Jahlee from Live at KBOO

  1. josette says:

    This was an excellent interview.
    A friend of my was giving her testimony about her daughter having seizures for 5 years, and put her on a special diet.
    When I got to talk to her, she told me all about the Bean Protocol.
    So I came searching and found you.
    You asked the right questions also, because I was sitting here thinking…but yeah, what about the lectins that drs. are claiming are sooo bad?
    So glad Karen put that one to bed!
    Thanks for mentioning the oxalates. I didn’t know beans had oxalates. The big to-do is always about phytic acids; which is easily dealt with by soaking.
    I will check out more of your podcasts! Thanks for sharing.