Ep. 38 Interview with Lucas Aoun: Neurotransmitters and Icing Your Scrotum

From a very young age, Lucas Aoun became interested in the effects of certain foods and herbs on his physiological and psychological performance. When playing soccer, he monitored performance very closely and discovered that some supplements were having a drastic effect on reaction times, decision making and ability to the “read” the play. This then sparked a passion to spend copious amounts of his “spare time” to research various ergogenic aids.

This naturally lead him to study Naturopathy at Southern School of Natural Therapies in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Through relentless experimentation and research, he has optimised his baseline to be consistently performing at a solid level.

Today’s interview details interesting facts about neurotransmitters, and some of Lucas’ best health hacks he has discovered in his journey.


Lucas Aoun Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ergogenic_health/

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BPC-157: https://www.ergogenichealth.com.au/product/bpc-157

Ben Greenfield: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/article/supplements-articles/how-to-use-bpc-157/

Brown seaweed: https://www.ergogenichealth.com.au/product/ecklonia-cava

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